About Us

As a father and son team we believe in modeling our motto …” in Partnership with People for People.” We are personally involved in creating the best we can to help grow young people for their current and future roles in our country. We are both born and raised in KwaZulu Natal. Extensive travel and a diverse, tertiary education make us very sure we want to be living and serving in South Africa.

Denis Drennan
is a veteran youth worker who has spent many years learning to integrate “adventure learning” in the outdoors with the current needs of youth in a changing South Africa. He has pioneered 3 outdoor centres and believes Hella Hella is one of the most outstandingly diverse venues in the country.
Craig Drennan
is a father of a young family living in PMB. His naturally honest and forthright nature ensures participants get the most out of their Rand and encourages young people to apply their learnings to their growing lives


We provide a quality service of the highest practical standard – continue to look for better ways of doing things.

By being totally accepting of all people. We create an affirmative environment where freedom to develop is critical – actively look for ways to affirm in all activities.

We provide a welcoming environment where people feel invited to learn and grow – seek out people to have conversations with and naturally (not forced) and continually encourage people to participate in order to learn and grow.

We believe in a team of the right people whose combined effort creates the synergy necessary for the task at hand – we bond diversity to strengthen the service we offer in a multi-cultural environment .

We are committed to the balanced development/growth of people through appropriate programming in the outdoors – creating innovative activities that fit with the needs of the group at that time.

The ripples of transformation are very evident in the people who have enjoyed an outdoor experience with us as a father/son team. Our hand-picked staff team, complement our skills to enhance the programme.

Our Team

The Hella Hella Team has been hand-picked from young adults who have been participants in our mentorship programme amongst unemployed young adults in the peri-urban zones around Pietermaritzburg. Most of our team members have worked together with us for over 5 years. We consider ourselves role models for young people as we facilitate a fun-filled learning experience. We can facilitate in both English and isiZulu.

…what did you do to my child? He came back from Highover (now Hella Hella) a new gentleman.
Parent, in a letter to the Deputy Principal